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Mail Redirection, Bills and More

Getting ready to travel is full of awesome firsts. Buying the backpack, the plane ticket and booking your first hostel to name just a few. You can get lost in the excitement and forget the less than attractive loose ends you need to sort out. I’ve been putting this off for weeks, always thinking I still have time. Now that I’m down to the business end of my trip planning […]


Travel Blogger Friday 16

We all travel, some for pleasure, others for work and even more for the night life. But how many travel and stop to volunteer? and then how many people travel, volunteer and want to run a marathon or two while they’re at it huh? Yeah pretty unique eh. Well Laura from is doing all three. She’s actually not long finished the Rome Marathon and has a few more planned […]


My First Overseas Trip Part 8 – Reflections

If you’ve missed the first seven installments in My First Overseas Trip you can find them here. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7. Travelling overseas for the first time is a lot like starting at a new school. It’s exciting, you see new things, make a friend or two and with a bit of luck don’t get lost. Now there are […]


Help Easter Might be Cancelled!!

With only a couple of weeks left the Easter Bunny had everything running perfectly. That was until someone abducted the Easter Chick. Now most people don’t realise but he’s an integral part of the entire Easter operation and without him there will be no Easter Eggs this year. Needless to say the Easter Bunny is beside himself with worry. Luckily you can help. A note was left last night that […]


UK Youth Mobility Visa – The Reckoning

In my last post on Applying for a UK Youth Mobility Visa I went through what it was and how to apply for one. After you’ve handed over the money, picked your appointment date for your biometric data to be taken and printed off everything in triplicate (hey I was taught to always be prepared, thank you Scouts) your next step is to wait till your appointment date. The appointment […]


Travel Blogger Friday 15

I don’t know about you but I have moments when I’m all over my RSS reader like a pit pull on a poodle and everything gets read. Then there are other times I refuse to open it for fear of loosing a day catching up on everything. Today I forced myself to catch up because I was feeling like a bad blogging buddy for not reading my friends blogs. Progressing […]