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Riga and the Disaster

After a marathon drinking session the night before I was surprised to wake and not be as sick as a dog. Relishing that fact as I passed a couple of my irish drinking buddies from the night before who were obviously not at their best, I headed out for food and to find the meeting point that would take me on the free walking tour of Riga. Wandering the few […]


Discovering Berlin on Foot

Continuing the theme of walking tours and slightly comforted by the fact the rain seemed to have stemmed its tide, I left D at the hostel and headed off with another Aussie for the free walking tour run by the same company I’ve previously explored Paris and Amsterdam with. Berlin however had the biggest turnout I have seen for these tours to date. Split into approx. 6 groups of 20 […]


The Alternative Walking Tour of Berlin

Just like Amsterdam it was cold and wet when I packed up to leave the hostel I was in and head across to the same one as D. The problem was only compounded after I got lost yet again trying to find the place. I really think I should have invested in a local sim card for my phone so I can use the built in GPS on my iPhone […]


Free Walking Tour of Paris

With my first morning in Paris snapping me awake earlier then I had wanted (curse you jetlag) I battled the wake up protocol of the dorm room. Do you wait for others to rise, damn why didn’t I get my toiletries out of my bag last night so I wouldn’t make too much noise, I need to pee but climbing from my squeaky bunk will wake everybody. After a short […]