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Featured Photo: Alleyway, Vilnius

While on the walking tour I took in Vilnius our guide lead us down this little alleyway. He claims it was one of the smallest streets in Vilnius but it really didn’t look anything like a street to me. In a small opening was this rickety old stairway leading up to an even older balcony. With the worn away stone pathway below and crumbling buildings surrounding it all, you could […]


A Little More of Vilnius

Staying in a hostel and you find yourself with the room to yourself?? First thing I did was sleep in knowing nobody was going to rustle a plastic bag or have an alarm go off again and again and again…. Alas my sleep in was interrupted by an old Russian lady telling me to get out and by the time I’d explained I had paid for the room I was […]


Strolling Around Vilnius

Waking up in this hostel unfortunately didn’t make it any better, especially since I was queueing up for a shower and I had hardly seen a sole in the place yesterday. Even worse, my travel buddy was leaving me tonight while I stayed on for another 2 nights. With very little explored yesterday we had decided to start the day with the the free walking tour run each day. Run […]


Arriving in Vilnius

Early mornings are the bane of my backpacking adventure, well that and getting lost trying to find my hostel for the first time. Still there was an 8:30AM bus to Vilnius to catch and it had my name all over it. I was also lucky enough to have my travel buddy from Riga coming with me which I was really excited about. Being able to hang out with one person […]


Featured Photo: Frank Zappa, Lithuania

What does Frank Zappa have to do with Lithuania you ask… well nothing actually. This however, never stopped some die hard fans from erecting a statue to the man after his death from cancer. The statue, which you will find hidden off a side street and erected in a car park makes for a great way to see a bit more of Vilnius. Just be sure to do your research […]