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Visit Tunisia

I started my travel for 2012 with what my mother would likely describe as my way of trying to give her a nervous breakdown. If I was being completely honest with myself, when the opportunity came up to visit Tunisia I was a little apprehensive as well. This is after all the country that just over 12 months ago set in motion a revolutionary wave that is still making its […]


Antonine Baths of Carthage

The Antonine Baths of Carthage make up part of the 3000 year old city located approximately 15km north of Tunis in Tunisia. Wandering around the site it was amazing to see how much of the city has survived, especially some of the tile work that would have once been marvelled at by the Romans back in the day.


Tunisian Spices

While roaming the Medina in Tunis a couple of weeks ago I spotted many of these shops selling all sorts of spices just like this stacked up on the street. While I’ve not a clue what most of the bags contained, I have to admit I wish this was how I bought my spices instead of out of expensive little jars at the supermarket.