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Picking a Computer for Travel

Just as the world evolves so does the way we travel. Gone are the days of people solely relying on word of mouth and their trusty guide book. Now we travel with smartphones and computers to help navigate the world. But how do you pick a computer for travel? Do you go by weight, look, function or something else entirely? The answer is all the above in my opinion. How […]


What Motivated Me To Travel

Talk to anybody who’s in love with travel and they will list off destinations, people, activities and much more as reasons that keep them motivated to travel. That kind of excitement is infectious and is something that got me to move from thinking about travel to actually planning and setting off to see Europe. Before that though you need that initial instigator to push your train of thought into one […]


Travel Scotland, The Best Small Country In The World

Ever since I applied for my youth mobility visa to live and work in the UK I’d wanted to travel Scotland. I always saw it as this untouched wilderness that bore truth to tales like the Loch Ness monster. Scotland has this allure to it that not many other places in the world do, it’s as if visiting there could whisk me off into another time. It took me over […]


Dealing With Long Flights

Being from Australia I’ve had to deal with my share of long flights. Singapore is around 9 hours away, Dubai about 14 hours and well if you want to see Europe or America then you can expect a good 24 hours+ of airports and planes to reach your destination. As I prepare for another trip home to Australia this week its got me thinking about how good would it have […]


Planning To Travel Europe In The New Year?

It was around this time some 3 years ago that I finally made it official and started planning to travel abroad to Europe. Some thought me silly and others expected it to be yet another of my New Years resolutions that I’d never keep. But it was summer and I’d romanced the idea of exploring Europe over many a beer that to back out would have crushed me. So if […]


Do You Collect Travel Souvenirs?

Collecting Travel Souvenirs has been a bit of a love hate relationship for me, what with having to wade through the crowds of people just to spend a fortune on a little something to remember the place by. Before I set off for Europe and to travel I was determined to only buy something small, a memento of each city/country I’d stopped in. I was travelling with my backpack after […]