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How Much Did It Cost – Prague Budget

It starts with the winding streets that lure you into the Old Town Square where on a sunny day I could have sat all day and people watched. From the Old Town you are lead out across Charles Bridge and up to the stunning Prague Castle that is a sight to see during the day let along at night from the bridge. Oh and let’s not forget they know how […]


Seeing Prague Castle

Prague had really turned on the welcome party since I arrived. Beautiful weather and to die for experiences all wrapped up in years of history. So before I booked the next train out of town I had to get up and see the jewel in the crown of Prague so to speak, Prague Castle. I had been dieing to get here ever since I saw it on my tour, but […]


Oh Beautiful Prague

After a night of train travel that scared the living daylight out of me I was relieved to have arrived at the train station in Prague. I didn’t care that it was 7 in the morning and that nothing was open to get breakfast or that when I arrived at my hostel I was going to have to wait 3 hours to check in. I was here dammit, and not […]


Featured Photo: Prague Castle At Night

Everybody loves a castle and Prague Castle didn’t disappoint me. Having been told that they turn the lights on at night giving you a spectacular view, I parked myself on Charles Bridge and watched as the sun set and the lights came on illuminating the great Castle like some sort of fairytale. My camera cannot do the view justice so you will all just have to make the trek to […]


Featured Photo: Astronomical Clock, Prague

Head on into the center of Old Town and if you see a crowd of people looking up at the side of the Old Town Hall then chances are you’ve found the Astronomical Clock in Prague. The clock or Orloj as its called is located on the southern wall and is made up of three components. The Astronomical Dial, The 12 Apostles and the Medallions of the Zodiac. On the […]