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How Much Did It Cost – Riga Budget

Saying goodbye to Tallinn and my cheapest budget to date I boarded a bus bound for Riga where the currency to follow is the Latvian Lat. A deceiving currency given its conversion rate to the aussie dollar, made worse still due to my over indulgence in alcohol at the hostel bar. It wasn’t all down to my reduced functionality though, Riga is top English Stag Territory and as such prices seem […]


Another Last Day in a City

Obviously when you run out of beer to drink the night before there is no hangover the next day, so feeling good I was up and into the rain to visit the Riga Occupation Museum. With nothing more than a donation when you enter the door it turned into a real eye opener to recount stories of the occupation. While here I also ran into a friend from the hostel […]


Riga and the Disaster

After a marathon drinking session the night before I was surprised to wake and not be as sick as a dog. Relishing that fact as I passed a couple of my irish drinking buddies from the night before who were obviously not at their best, I headed out for food and to find the meeting point that would take me on the free walking tour of Riga. Wandering the few […]


Playing Twister in Riga

Saying my goodbyes to Tallinn as I bought my bus ticket to Latvia I was sure over the next 2 years of living in this part of the world I would be back in Estonia for some fun. Boarding the bus I took my seat and was surprised to see a coffee machine sitting across from me. Obviously this bus ride wasn’t going to be all bad after all. Setting […]


Featured Photo: Skyline of Riga, Latvia

I’ve taken lots of shots from the top’s of buildings or churches since getting to Europe so its only fitting I share them with you all. This is a photo I took from the Sky Line Bar at the Reval Hotel in Riga, Latvia. The bar while being expensive to buy drinks at does offer an amazing 360 degree view of the city and well worth the stop for just […]