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How Much Does It Cost To Backpack Europe

Every year Europe is filled with backpackers all cutting their teeth on new countries and adventures that they will always remember so surely they could help me with this. So I googled, and asked people and looked up guide book after guide book trying to answer what I thought was a simple question. How much does it cost to backpack Europe? Planning your backpacking trip to Europe is fraught with […]


Why I Won’t Pre Book Travel

After spending time backpacking around Europe and now living in London I’ve met a few backpackers. In that time I’ve spent hours and hours relaxing in hostel common rooms and various drinking establishments talking travel. Where have you been? Where are you going? What was your favourite place? All questions that will come up everywhere you go so be ready with your best (or worst) travel story. When I would […]


The Aussie Nomad 2.0

Travel blogging has been a blast for me. I’m discovering I actually enjoy writing (not that I claim to be good at it) and all of this social media stuff we do on a daily basis. The hardest part has been making my blog my own. At the start you can’t afford a designer to make the site look good, so you find the best free/cheap option you can. I […]


The London Blitz at Aldwych Station

Learning about the history of a place is what really tickles my travelling taste buds. So when Justin from invited me along to one of the events setup to mark the 70th Anniversary of the London Blitz I jumped at the chance. At the now closed Aldwych Tube Station the London Transport Museum re-created what it was like for people during the blitz. With actors setup in the old […]


Solo Travel Should Be Compulsory

Forget the contiki tours, 2 week trips away with the boys (or girls) and seeing the world as a couple. You will learn more about yourself and become better for it if it’s just you and your trusty backpack to keep you company on the road. OK so before you grab your pick axe’s and begin to beat me half to death proving why the above mentioned ways of travel […]


How Much Did It Cost – Paris Budget

So your saving to backpack Europe only you don’t know how much you really need. Your friend says they spent this much, you asked everybody on facebook and even gave google a shot but your still not sure. I did the same thing and came up with a miss mash of information, none of it really answering my question, how much money do I need to backpack Europe? The worst […]