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Seeing and Listening in Florence

In Florence you can walk out the door and be confronted with building after building of old time charm. Knowing this, I spent my next two days taking walks around the city while catching up with Suzy and Annie when they were free. My first solo day in Florence was a relatively slow one. I slept late before heading into the city center to wander the streets and find some […]


Florence, I See Your Attraction

The first morning in Florence gave me flashbacks to home and the beautiful summer weather I had said goodbye to just a few months earlier. Feeling the aussie spirit I donned my aussie uniform (that’s shorts an a singlet to the rest of you) and made for a place I had marked as a must visit if I ever landed in Florence. This was of course Giardini di Boboli. Suzy […]


Another Last Day in a City

Obviously when you run out of beer to drink the night before there is no hangover the next day, so feeling good I was up and into the rain to visit the Riga Occupation Museum. With nothing more than a donation when you enter the door it turned into a real eye opener to recount stories of the occupation. While here I also ran into a friend from the hostel […]


A Day of Everything in Stockholm

Crawling out of bed knowing I had a list of things to accomplish today was not a good feeling. Still there is no rest for the backpacker and I set off to see a little more of Stockholm before I had to take some time for the boring everyday tasks of old. First stop was the Kroner Museum which I failed to see on my visit to the Stockholm Palace […]


Meeting a Friend in Copenhagen

Sleeping well in a 14 bed dorm where all the beds squeak and not a single bed is spare could have been my biggest challenge yet. I’ve hiked over mountains back home sleeping on nothing but rocks with my sleeping bag for comfort but that was nothing. People snoring, people coming in drunk, people getting up early and playing with their plastic bags etc. There is a reason the room […]


Meeting A Friend in Belgium

Leaving Paris after just 4 days I felt like there was so much left unseen, but the itch to see Europe was tugging at me and a new friend was waiting to see me in Belgium. Overall though Paris turned into a great first stop off for my travels. The people were great, the hostel better than expected and most of all I had taken the leap and not regretted […]