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Heaven Or Just Realising The Dream

The final two days at my stay in the oh so posh hostel along the coastline of Italy were some of my finest. At night I was one of the regulars, meeting new arrivals as they found the hostel bar all while having a good old banter with the manager and staff as we partied away into the wee hours of the morning together. During the day I ventured to […]


A Year On…

A year ago today I posted my first ever blog post on why I have decided to travel. looking back now, blogging about my travels has been one of the best decisions I made (apart from the actual travel part). While I hope my writing has improved since that first post I know I have grown as a person. Some 12 months earlier I was just a shy IT guy […]


That Limbo Period

You’ve just finished up at your job and have emptied your room ready to leave for you trip so now what? That final period of limbo between ending work and departure date is going to be all goodbyes and relaxing right? Weeks went by where I imagined I’d be sleeping in till lunch time, having my Mum cook me all my favorite meals and chilling out on the coat tail […]


Travel Dilema

What do you do when your trip plans get fed through the shredder? This is the exact problem I faced when my brother called today informing me his wedding is going to be in October of this year. The problem you ask, well I leave for Europe in June and wasn’t intending on coming home for well over 12 months. My family is very close so there is very little […]


Casterton, My Home

With my future travel aspirations luring me off to the greater world I often wonder if I will miss home. After reading a post by Candice on How Do You Define Home the other day it made me think about it even more. I grew up in a little country town called Casterton which is recognized as the birthplace of the Kelpie breed of Australian Working Dog. With just on […]


Telling Mum Your Leaving

My decision to travel and working out where to go on my first steps into backpacking territory were a piece of cake compared to the next obstacle i would cross. Breaking the news to the family that I was going to travel. Well lets be honest its breaking the news to your mum that’s what you fear most. The way I see it your brother or sister are likely to […]