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Israel – A Land of Memories

I’ve tried to put into words what it’s been like touring around Israel for the last few days and as a result you haven’t seen a post from me. It’s not because I haven’t been enjoying myself and can’t find a way to write about it, far from that actually. I’ve been so busy I didn’t even have time to wish my brother happy birthday last week (sorry bro) and […]


Solo Travel Should Be Compulsory

Forget the contiki tours, 2 week trips away with the boys (or girls) and seeing the world as a couple. You will learn more about yourself and become better for it if it’s just you and your trusty backpack to keep you company on the road. OK so before you grab your pick axe’s and begin to beat me half to death proving why the above mentioned ways of travel […]


A Day on The Amalfi Coast

Stepping off the train in Sorrento where the local bus departs to Amalfi I had to run the gauntlet straight away. People everywhere and they all wanted on a bus to somewhere along the Amalfi Coast. I got lucky an scored a window seat on the right side of the bus that would allow me to admire the coast line and not the massive rock wall on the other. It […]


An Afternoon of Naples Sights

I was struggling to like Naples, it just felt like some form of chaos everywhere I looked and it wasn’t sitting well with me. In an attempt to sway my feelings towards the good I set off on foot to see what I could find in an afternoon. Marking out Castel Nuovo, the Royal Palace and finally the National Archaeological Museum as places to see on this very warm italian […]


Underground Naples

Having survived a day of walking to exhaustion in Pompeii and Herculaneum it was time to take it easy and relax in Naples. Enjoying a well deserved sleep in I spent the rest of the morning looking up flights from Naples to London. I knew the longer I left booking my ticket the more expensive it would be, the problem was I just couldn’t bring myself to hit the buy […]


Visiting Pompeii and Herculaneum

I have learnt that hostels offering breakfast can be hit and miss on just exactly WHAT is included. Luckily for me it seemed here in Naples I had hit the jackpot with toast and cakes along with a choice of juices and hot drinks to ready me for a day of exploring. Considering it was already getting melt your skin hot outside I was going to need as much food […]