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How Much Did It Cost – Copenhagen Budget

Copenhagen you expensive little part of the world you. It’s just as well my Berlin expenses came in under expected as I more than made up for any saving’s made to date in Denmark. By now I had become familiar with the Euro so I no longer converted everything back to the Australian Dollar. Unfortunately this left me completely lost in Copenhagen. You see these crafty folk still hang onto […]


A Video From Copenhagen

Everybody is making videos these days, so while I was in Copenhagen with Cailin from we made a video of what we got up too. I won’t bore you too much with words because I know your already pressing play on the video but I will say that it was good enough for the BBC Fast Track program to take a snippet of our video and broadcast it. Always […]


Final Day in Copenhagen

What do you do on your final day in a place when you find yourself a solo traveller again… you go exploring some more of course. Waking a little later than I would have liked the plans were to visit Rosenborg Castle and make my way to the Carlsberg Brewery. Who am I to deny a visit to a brewery?? With my late start already putting me behind I rushed […]


Copenhagen and Saying Yes

The train to Copenhagen I thought would be just like every other journey I’ve taken so far. And for most of the trip it was, well except for the bit that involves a ferry…. Yes travelling across Germany just taking in the scenery and then next thing I know I’m being told to be ready to get off the train once it gets onto the ferry. Sure enough the train […]