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How Much Did It Cost – Vilnius Budget

Arriving in Vilnius I assumed it would be a similar story to Tallinn and Riga on my trip down through the Baltic States. As I wandered from the bus station down the streets to my hostel I got the distinct impression time was moving much slower here. Buildings appeared to show their age as cracks slithered up the walls like snakes while the hostel staff were so blase about booking […]


How Much Did It Cost – Riga Budget

Saying goodbye to Tallinn and my cheapest budget to date I boarded a bus bound for Riga where the currency to follow is the Latvian Lat. A deceiving currency given its conversion rate to the aussie dollar, made worse still due to my over indulgence in alcohol at the hostel bar. It wasn’t all down to my reduced functionality though, Riga is top English Stag Territory and as such prices seem […]


How Much Did It Cost – Tallinn Budget

I need to preface this post with the fact that the dear old Estonian Kroon (EEK) that existed when I travelled is no more. As of January 2011 Estonia joined the majority of EU countries and adopted the Euro as the currency of choice. What does that mean? Well I can no longer guarantee pricing against what things cost when I visited last year. Estonia was to be one of […]


How Much Did It Cost – Helsinki Budget

I was determined to make sure my short Helsinki stay was to be much cheaper than my stay in Stockholm. The reason I was so confident as I had finally scored my first couchsurfing hosts and while I only had one night with them it sure saved me a packet overall. It’s weird but I was also glad to be back on the Euro in Helsinki. I’m not sure if […]


How Much Did It Cost – Stockholm Budget

Having just had my wallet and budget for Copenhagen torn to pieces I was ever so cautious landing in Stockholm for a few days. Sweden was to be the turning point for my major expenses but that didn’t mean I could just cut loose as I knew all too well if things got crazy here I’d spend my entire time in the Baltic States making up for it. Again greeted with yet […]


How Much Did It Cost – Copenhagen Budget

Copenhagen you expensive little part of the world you. It’s just as well my Berlin expenses came in under expected as I more than made up for any saving’s made to date in Denmark. By now I had become familiar with the Euro so I no longer converted everything back to the Australian Dollar. Unfortunately this left me completely lost in Copenhagen. You see these crafty folk still hang onto […]