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Day One Helsinki

Waking up to my bunk mates moving around and preparing to disembark the ship was defiantly not welcome after my late night of drinking. To make things worse it was about 6:30AM and I still had to find my hostel before I could begin to relax. Jumping ship and heading off to the tram that would deliver me in the vicinity of my hostel I was surprisingly joyful. My decision […]


Vasa, Skansen and a Fail

Waking on my second morning in Stockholm I was better prepared for my pitch black room. Climbing the jungle gym of a bunk bed I joined the line for the shower before packing my bag for a day of walking around town. First stop was a rather long walk out to the island of Djurgården where I was to see the Vasa Museum. The Vasa Museum is a maritime museum […]


Save on Accommodation and Couch Surf

As a would be backpacker, I’m looking to get around on as little money as possible while traveling the world. In the same breath I’m not looking to extort every cent I can from the people I meet. I mean you’ve gotta be tight when your getting all angry with the street vendor over what works out to be 50 cents right? One way I hope to keep the daily […]