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The London Transport Blues

Living in London I’ve had to come to terms with catching public transport to get around, not so bad I hear you say they have those cool double-decker buses. I’ll agree I was excited for my first ride aboard one but for someone who has spent his entire life (almost) owning some form of car or ute that I could drive myself it has been a big shift. A vehicle […]


Playing Twister in Riga

Saying my goodbyes to Tallinn as I bought my bus ticket to Latvia I was sure over the next 2 years of living in this part of the world I would be back in Estonia for some fun. Boarding the bus I took my seat and was surprised to see a coffee machine sitting across from me. Obviously this bus ride wasn’t going to be all bad after all. Setting […]


Getting Around Europe

What do you choose? Eurail pass, busabout, fly or just wing it and pay as you go? Which is cheaper, which is going to be the most comfortable, which will allow you to get some sleep?? The questions are endless when deciding on what is the best way to get around Europe. I’ve gone back and forth over how to travel around Europe when I leave in April, and to […]