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Blog Tripping to the Korean Grand Prix

South Korea was never on my immediate list of MUST SEE countries but when the opportunity came up to go and spend a week there and attend the Korean Grand Prix I was hardly going to turn it down. After all, I grew up a country Aussie who may or may not have enjoyed the occasional thrill of driving his car like an idiot all in the name of burnt […]


Did You Know This About Israel

Israel is listed as the 159th smallest country in the world and about the size of New Jersey, or specifically 470km by 135km at its widest and longest points. Keeping that in mind it blew me away to learn that in proportion to its population it has the largest number of startup companies in the world (of course they don’t ALL succeed). Oh and they are only behind the US […]


Luxury Dubai Travel

Ever wanted to swim with dolphins or stay in a hotel room bigger than your house/flat? Then you need to get in on what the luxury/food bloggers are doing because these guys have it made. Sandwiched into my very busy summer of travels I joined that exclusive club when I sampled the luxury Dubai lifestyle staying at the Atlantis The Palm. To say I was out of my element staying here was an […]