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Knokke Beach

Knokke Beach is a 15-20 minute train ride from Bruges (Brugge) but I bet 99% of international tourists have never made the trip. I’d never have gone there had my girlfriend not wanted to take me away to the Belgian coastline. It’s not like Belgium is known for its beaches, beer and chocolate however… Knokke is just one of many places along the coast that Belgians go to for their […]


Strandhill Beach

Strandhill Beach is located approximately 11 kilometers from the town of Sligo and offers amazing views and surfing options for those brave enough enter the water. If you prefer to just take in the view then Shells Cafe directly opposite is a must in my opinion. Having sampled their scones and jam I can say even if you don’t like beaches this little cafe is worth the trip.


St Pete Beach Sunset

There’s a lot to like about a good summer sunset. It signals the end of a day where you can sit back, relax, grab a cool drink and reflect on the day’s events. The above view was taken from the balcony of our hotel after having crossed Florida from St Augustine on the east coast of America. A worthy reward for having survived the drive I think.


St Andrews State Park, Panama City Beach

I took a helicopter ride over Panama City Beach with Panhandle Helicopters while in Florida recently and was greeted with the above as we circled above St Andrews State Park. As my first ever helicopter ride I was nervous to say the least, especially as we tipped from side to side as a turn was made. But the fear was soon forgotten as the beautiful beach and state park appeared […]