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Arriving in Vilnius

Early mornings are the bane of my backpacking adventure, well that and getting lost trying to find my hostel for the first time. Still there was an 8:30AM bus to Vilnius to catch and it had my name all over it. I was also lucky enough to have my travel buddy from Riga coming with me which I was really excited about. Being able to hang out with one person […]


Another Last Day in a City

Obviously when you run out of beer to drink the night before there is no hangover the next day, so feeling good I was up and into the rain to visit the Riga Occupation Museum. With nothing more than a donation when you enter the door it turned into a real eye opener to recount stories of the occupation. While here I also ran into a friend from the hostel […]


Closing the Door on Estonia

When you arrive back at your hostel as people are thinking about getting up its a fair sign you don’t wake till the afternoon, and that’s just what happened. Surfacing in the early afternoon I wearily dragged myself to the shower before heading out for the closest food vendor to satisfy my all-night-drinking-fest-hunger. Once refueled I set off to take in the sights of Tallinn one last time before my […]


Touring Tallinn on Foot

There are certain points in my travels where within the first 24 hours of being in a new place I either book extra days because I love it or begin to plan the few things I wanted to see before setting off for another new destination. Given that in 24 hours of being in Tallinn I had met the gorgeous girls that work at the hostel, made a new mate […]


Copenhagen and Saying Yes

The train to Copenhagen I thought would be just like every other journey I’ve taken so far. And for most of the trip it was, well except for the bit that involves a ferry…. Yes travelling across Germany just taking in the scenery and then next thing I know I’m being told to be ready to get off the train once it gets onto the ferry. Sure enough the train […]