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Vegemite vs Stephanie

Another of my fellow travel bloggers has finally stepped up to the plate and tried the vegemite I posted off to them before leaving Australia. This time its Stephanie from… who battled the vegemite monster. Want to know what she thought? well hit the play button below. The outcome… its not good but its not bad. I think I’m claiming that one as a win for Vegemite, and hey […]


Vegemite vs Candice

Before I departed Australia for my journey to Europe I sent off some lovely care packages of vegemite to some friends abroad. I had high hopes for my friends to really embrace the experience and found myself eagerly waiting for them to try it. One friend was Candice from who was nice enough to make up a video of the experience for everyone. You can find the post she […]


Vegemite vs Brooke’s Parents

The other week Brooke from had her parents down in Australia for a visit. Along with the usual Sydney sights she told me at some stage vegemite would be brought up, so naturally I was eager to find out the verdict. What I wasn’t expecting was


Three Steps To Perfect Vegemite Toast

Recently Cailin from was in Australia and while I didn’t get a visit from her she did try Vegemite so I’m willing to let that slide for now. Unfortunately the experience wasn’t up to my satisfaction so I’m going to lay out some steps on eating Vegemite so that you can all love it like I do. First up lets check out Cailin and her attempt. Now I’d be […]


Vegemite vs The World

Stick a slice of Vegemite toast in the hand of an Australian and they will swallow it in seconds. Hand it to pretty much anybody else and you can expect a facial expression that would suggest they just ate the nastiest thing on earth. Australian’s love their Vegemite and will defend its honour feverishly. It’s a quintessential Aussie icon, and you would be hard pressed to not find a jar […]