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Finding Accommodation in London – The Ups and Downs

For so many Aussies with travel dreams London has become a rite of passage. You get your visa, book your flights to London and then backpack Europe while living in London for a while sampling everything it has to offer. Sitting at home I would read Facebook updates and hear stories about friends that had headed to London to live abroad and were living the life. Wild parties in Europe […]


Solo Travel Should Be Compulsory

Forget the contiki tours, 2 week trips away with the boys (or girls) and seeing the world as a couple. You will learn more about yourself and become better for it if it’s just you and your trusty backpack to keep you company on the road. OK so before you grab your pick axe’s and begin to beat me half to death proving why the above mentioned ways of travel […]


How Much Did It Cost – Warsaw & Krakow Budget

Oh Poland I adore you. Some countries I just wanted to see. Not for any particular reason, something just clicked inside and said you know what I can’t wait to see Poland. The 10 hour over night bus ride from Vilnius almost killed me but Poland put it all right. With just a one night stay in Warsaw (wish it had been longer) and a few days spent in Krakow […]


How Much Did It Cost – Vilnius Budget

Arriving in Vilnius I assumed it would be a similar story to Tallinn and Riga on my trip down through the Baltic States. As I wandered from the bus station down the streets to my hostel I got the distinct impression time was moving much slower here. Buildings appeared to show their age as cracks slithered up the walls like snakes while the hostel staff were so blase about booking […]


Final 24 Hours in Europe

Leaving the Amalfi Coast where houses balance on the side of cliffs and the greenery of the mountains served as a view any blogger could be motivated by I returned to Naples where I would spend my final 24 hours in Europe. A little depressing but chancing an hour long train ride that I’d already experienced delays on just wasn’t worth it. Additionally was the extra expense required to purchase […]


Heaven Or Just Realising The Dream

The final two days at my stay in the oh so posh hostel along the coastline of Italy were some of my finest. At night I was one of the regulars, meeting new arrivals as they found the hostel bar all while having a good old banter with the manager and staff as we partied away into the wee hours of the morning together. During the day I ventured to […]