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Featured Photo: Galerie de la Reine, Brussels

I snapped this while wandering the streets of Brussels as I attempted to find Mannequin Pis. The area was filled with little shops, all buzzing with people. I had attempted to get some food at a small bakery while here, but it was so crowded I gave up and wandered off into an old book store for a look around before seeking out some more Frittes with Mayo. I would […]


Featured Photo: Prague Castle At Night

Everybody loves a castle and Prague Castle didn’t disappoint me. Having been told that they turn the lights on at night giving you a spectacular view, I parked myself on Charles Bridge and watched as the sun set and the lights came on illuminating the great Castle like some sort of fairytale. My camera cannot do the view justice so you will all just have to make the trek to […]


Featured Photo: Berlin Graffiti

Just a sample of some of the amazing graffiti that adorns so many parts of Berlin. From encompassing entire buildings like the one above, to small pieces scattered along alleys and walkways all across the city. If your in Berlin, be sure to stop and take some time to check it out. One place I can recommend is Tacheles, a hive of artwork and creativity.


Featured Photo: Musée du Louvre, Paris

Museums don’t come much bigger than the Louvre in Paris. So walking into the courtyard of the Louvre and spying the great glass pyramid ahead of me, while the rest of the building wraps around you is a sight to experience. It might be one of the most popular tourist attractions around, but even to just walk the building without going inside is a must in my opinion. After all […]


Featured Photo: Flag of Denmark

While in Tallinn, Estonia I came across this interesting monument while out on a free walking tour. This is believed to be the site where the Dannebrog (Danish Flag) came to be. The story goes that the Danish were locked in battle and it was going badly, almost to the point where they had lost. But as they were about to give in a flag dropped from the skies. The […]


Featured Photo: Astronomical Clock, Prague

Head on into the center of Old Town and if you see a crowd of people looking up at the side of the Old Town Hall then chances are you’ve found the Astronomical Clock in Prague. The clock or Orloj as its called is located on the southern wall and is made up of three components. The Astronomical Dial, The 12 Apostles and the Medallions of the Zodiac. On the […]