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Things To Do In Kerry

When you talk about the things you could do in Kerry it’s impossible not to mention the Dingle and Iveragh Peninsulas. Although most of you probably know the Iveragh Peninsula by the tourist road that surrounds it, the Ring of Kerry. Their notoriety as tourist attractions is well-known and in my mind rightly deserved haven experienced them myself. The Dingle Peninsula’s two big attractions outside of the town that bears […]


Healy Pass

Healy Pass is perhaps my favourite road from my two-week road trip in Ireland. It’s not for driving it, but for looking back as it snakes it way across the Ring of Beara in West Cork. The lookout spot is the perfect place to stop and enjoy the view if there is a parking spot free. Parking is limited to 5-6 spots at the lookout next to the small shop […]


Tips For An Irish Road Trip

The irish road trip is somewhat of a must do if you are planning to visit the emerald isle. Sure there is train and bus links to many parts of the country but to really SEE Ireland, you need to get out there on your own and drive it. Having your own car frees you to drive little scenic roads, take as much time as you want at the many […]


The UE Boom Speaker

As someone who travels a lot, living abroad for months at a time in different places I’m not lucky enough to have all the creature comforts a home normally has. I have no big screen tv, always fast internet or even a house big enough to have friends over. Which for someone who loves their gadgets can be quite the challenge. But one thing I can finally say I have […]