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Cheapest Ways To Travel Europe

Europe is THE destination for many would be travellers and backpackers looking to take a gap year or just spend a summer break abroad. Many of those travellers also want to do it as cheap as possible so having experienced Europe myself I wanted to share what I’ve learnt to be the cheapest ways to travel Europe whether you are taking a bus, train or aeroplane. Now there are many […]


Wandering Around Lecce

Italy is one place that’s a real treat to just stroll the streets of any city or town your find yourself in. Be it the popular cities like Rome, Florence and Venice or the smaller out of the way places like Lecce (where this photo was taken) way down south in Puglia. The character and charm of these cities are what really gets me. Take the photo above, walking a […]


My Top 5 Travel Tips For Exploring A Destination

In over 3 years of travel I’ve learnt a lot about the best ways to un-earth the best travel tips for exploring a new destination. When I started it was all about guide books, they are were a travellers best friend and I can’t remember how many times I referred to it. It was my bible and provided a window into which I would discover the best place to stay, […]


What to See and Do in Brindisi

Many of you might ask where is Brindisi before looking for things to see and do, such is its hidden status to the average tourist. To get you up to speed Brindisi is located in the Apulia (Puglia) region of Italy or the heel for those that need a bit more direction. Brindisi reminds me of what Italy might be like once you strip back the tourist curtain and get […]


Youth Mobility Visa Ultimate Guide

Over 3 years ago I posted about how to apply for a Tier 5 UK Youth Mobility Visa (previously called the working holiday visa) as an Australian. I’d struggled with finding the correct information so thought to share my experience with the world in the hopes it would help somebody else. The response to my posts has been nothing short of amazing since then so to all of you who’ve […]