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Gum Max Duo Travel Battery

Have you ever been caught out by a flat device while travelling? Maybe you forgot to charge your phone the night before or simply left your ipod on play and now its dead flat and your stuck on a bus for the next 6 hours with no music. I know I have, especially when staying in a hostel where power outlets are at a premium. It’s generally at that moment […]


A Street in Brindisi, Italy

One of the big things I love about Europe is that each street I walk down is littered with history. From the stones under your feet to the houses that line up either side and finally to the people who dwell within the walls. These streets have watched as time just passed them on by while we lived around them and I can’t help but get lost in my imagination […]


Free Walking Tours

In all my travels I’ve always struggled with orientating myself in a new city. Sure I’ve had maps, researched what I wanted to see and taken notes as best I can. The minute I’ve stepped into the street however all of that changes and I’ll look left or right and be immediately lost. For others that struggle with finding their way around a new city from day one there is […]