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Wandering Around Paris

Love it or hate it you’d by hard pressed to deny that spending an afternoon wandering around Paris is a bad thing. It’s the kind of city that presents post card views around every corner. The above was snapped right next to the Sacre Coeur Basilica after I’d taken the long way to get there and was lamenting just how many steps can be found in that part of town.


The Aussie Nomad Goes 3.0

Any blogger will tell you that keeping your site updated and overflowing with interesting content for your readers is a LOT of hard work. To then find time to tweak the colours, add a new feature or give your site a complete facelift is for the most people a pipe dream. Unless of course you can a) afford it or b) actually learn how to do the work yourself. I […]


Leuven Town Hall

Leuven Town Hall shoots up from the ground to stand tall and proud as a landmark to the city. Towering high above the market square its 15th century brabant gothic looks are a sight to see, especially if you can visit on a day where the sky is as blue as the ocean. I had hoped for a little snow to make the picture perfect but alas luck wasn’t with […]


Do You Collect Travel Souvenirs?

Collecting Travel Souvenirs has been a bit of a love hate relationship for me, what with having to wade through the crowds of people just to spend a fortune on a little something to remember the place by. Before I set off for Europe and to travel I was determined to only buy something small, a memento of each city/country I’d stopped in. I was travelling with my backpack after […]


Iconically Amsterdam

There’s isn’t much that’s more iconically Amsterdam than bikes and canals in my mind. Wherever you look it’s always bikes and canals for as far as the eye can see. I snapped the above just up the road a little from the Anne Frank House on my first ever visit to the city way back in May 2010. I have returned since then, and while I was still getting bells […]


My First Visit To America – Space Coast

My visit to America so far has seen me sample the high life in Miami, air boat my way around the Everglades, soak up the sun in some very Beachy destinations and now it was going to Space. America is well-known for many things but NASA and the Kennedy Space Center has to be one every tourist knows about. Located on the aptly named Space Coast, who’s very name suggests […]