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Pennington Bay, Kangaroo Island

Pennington Bay is just one of the many amazing photo opportunities to be had along the south coast of Kangaroo Island. Billed as a popular surf and fishing beach, swimming can be undertaken but at your own risk. This is due to rips and strong winds that cause huge waves that have been heard in the nearby town of American River some 9 kilometers away. Pennington Bay is located at […]


Summer in Vienna

Summer in Vienna I hear you say, but isn’t it a winter destination? There is much to be said about Vienna and all of Austria for that matter as being the winter destination of Europe. To say Vienna is just for winter however is to sell the city short as it sports a pretty rocking summer lineup that shouldn’t be missed by anyone. I have to admit that Vienna had […]


Wynwood Art District

The Wynwood Art District is a must for any fan of street art or just art in general. It’s even more fun when you’re cruising the streets atop a Vespa with the sun shining down on you as I did with Roam Rides who offer 4 hour art tours with guides who know about the artwork and the neighbourhood. My biggest drama I thought taking the tour would be navigating […]


My First Visit To America

I’ve watched TV shows and movies coming out of America ever since I was born. With that kind of allure to a country started so young it stood to reason that at some time in my travels I was going to plan a visit to America to see if what I’d seen could hold a bar to the real thing. So how does one undertake their first trip to America […]