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Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is located at Cape Leeuwin, the most south-westerly point of Australia. Erected in 1895/6 it was dedicated to the world’s mariners by then Premier of Western Australia Sir John Forrest on the 10th December 1896. The lighthouse once guarded one of the busiest sea traffic routes on the Australia Coast in its day when most Australia bound ships travelled via the Cape of Good Hope. Cape […]


Is Returning Home All That Bad

Returning home after having travelled or lived abroad is often looked upon as a horrible thing by many a would be expat. After all you’ve seen the world, tasted new foods and possibly grown as an individual. How can returning home ever work with your new attitude to life? In a way this post answers one I wrote back in late 2009 before I’d left to travel about Casterton, my […]


Vienna Opera House

The Vienna Opera House (Officially The Vienna State Opera) can be found in the center of Vienna. Considered one of the top Opera Houses in the world and rightly so given Austria’s long history with music. Unfortunately I was only lucky enough to explore outside but from what I’ve been told the inside is just as amazing. If you are in town however there are shows almost every day or […]