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Visit Skane, Sweden

This past weekend I spent time in the province of Skane (or Skåne) visiting the towns of Ystad, Lund and Malmo which all call the southern area of Sweden home. The last time I was in Sweden I travelled direct from Copenhagen to Stockholm and never even considered stopping to look around this part of the country. I was fixated on visiting the city I’d read about and heard in […]


Eating Out In South Korea

I’ve had some interesting experiences eating out while abroad, but none as much fun as what went on in South Korea recently. Imagine three guys (the other two being John and Paul) roaming the streets unable to read, speak or even comprehend Korean and it was a recipe for a good time whichever way you spun it. Our story of eating in Korea isn’t a nightmare food story though, oh […]


The Beauty of Wales

The beauty of Wales is that out of all the countries in the world it’s the closest to being the source of a real life once upon a time fairytale in my opinion. Winding tree encroached roads lead off to hidden forests as they fork out across the country. Castles sprout up from the ground as they battle to exist after years of punishment from the elements. It’s a country […]


Sign Post at the Golan Heights

While touring Israel recently I stumbled across the above sign post when I visited the Golan Heights in the north of the country. So many times around the world I’ve seen similar signs all pointing out major cities like New York, Sydney and London as if to say hey look how close we are to them. This one however points to Israel’s close neighbours like Jordan, Iraq, Syria and the […]


Blog Tripping to the Korean Grand Prix

South Korea was never on my immediate list of MUST SEE countries but when the opportunity came up to go and spend a week there and attend the Korean Grand Prix I was hardly going to turn it down. After all, I grew up a country Aussie who may or may not have enjoyed the occasional thrill of driving his car like an idiot all in the name of burnt […]