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Prayer Ribbons At The DMZ South Korea

On my recent visit to South Korea I was fortunate enough to tour along the Demilitarised Zone in South Korea. At Imjingak where the Freedom Bridge is located there are millions of prayer ribbons tied to the fence which I’m told have messages of hope, dreams and wishes for unification between North and South Korea. Even though I couldn’t read a word of what was written on them, I know […]


The Changing Israel Landscape

If I was to say New Zealand, Ireland, France or even the Philippines there is a fair chance an image of what the countries landscape looks like forms in your mind. You can see the glaciers of New Zealand and the tropical islands of the Philippines easily, but what if I was to ask you about the Israel landscape? Do you imagine a barren wasteland, green farming land for as […]


Gyeonghoeru Pavilion Seoul Royal Palace

The Gyeonghoeru or Gyeonghoeru Pavilion is one section of the great Gyeongbokgung Palace (Royal Palace) located in Seoul. It was once used as a place to entertain and party during the Joseon Dynasty. Created almost entirely from Wood and Stone, the building would have made for an impressive place to entertain with the surrounding water for any would be guests of the Royal Family at the time.


Western Wall Jerusalem

Situated at the base of the western side of the Temple Mount, the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem has been the site of jewish pilgrimage for centuries. While a large majority of the 488 meter length of the Western Wall is hidden by buildings people are free to come and pray at a small 57 meter section. The Western Wall’s significance is that it is the closest […]


Did You Know This About Israel

Israel is listed as the 159th smallest country in the world and about the size of New Jersey, or specifically 470km by 135km at its widest and longest points. Keeping that in mind it blew me away to learn that in proportion to its population it has the largest number of startup companies in the world (of course they don’t ALL succeed). Oh and they are only behind the US […]


Diving With Dolphins in Eilat

Travel has given me a great many experiences that will forever bring a smile to my face and no other country seems to have as many places in my memory banks as Israel. One of my favourites is from my time diving with the dolphins in Eilat. This experience made even more special given I’d never been diving in my life. The site for my 30 minutes of joy under […]