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The Alhambra in Granada

Tempted by the stunning view of The Alhambra while attending the wedding of a good blogging friend in Nellie of fame, I just had to make a stop in to checkout the inside view as well. I’ll be honest thought… I’d not really been up to speed on just what to expect inside the Alhambra except for some stinking hot Andalucian weather to follow me around all day. Alhambra […]


Where I Fell In Love With Spain, San Ambrosio

Nestled along the southern tip of Andalucia is where you will find this hidden township of San Ambrosio. Made up of nothing more than a few houses and a couple of places you can get yourself some good food and a cold beer. It seems almost preposterous that this tiny town is the driving force behind my desire to learn a second language and my love for Spain. So let […]


How Much Does It Cost To Backpack Europe

Every year Europe is filled with backpackers all cutting their teeth on new countries and adventures that they will always remember so surely they could help me with this. So I googled, and asked people and looked up guide book after guide book trying to answer what I thought was a simple question. How much does it cost to backpack Europe? Planning your backpacking trip to Europe is fraught with […]