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Featured Photo: Galerie de la Reine, Brussels

I snapped this while wandering the streets of Brussels as I attempted to find Mannequin Pis. The area was filled with little shops, all buzzing with people. I had attempted to get some food at a small bakery while here, but it was so crowded I gave up and wandered off into an old book store for a look around before seeking out some more Frittes with Mayo. I would […]


Travel Blogger Friday 28

One of the great things about my travels so far is the new friends I’ve made. From all around Europe I made new friends, some for just a few days others hopefully for a lifetime. So as I was trying to decide about where to end my travels a certain reader of my blog convinced me to change my plans and head for Italy where they were living. Given I […]


A Day in Warsaw

It’s rather easy to sum up the night bus to Warsaw… freaking horrible. Starting with passengers slipping the bus driver a few litas to get a ride and skip the standard rate (I was so jealous I couldn’t do that). This lead onto the frequent stops so the driver could have a smoke and generally ensure we froze to death the entire way. In hindsight sitting near the front of […]


Featured Photo: Prague Castle At Night

Everybody loves a castle and Prague Castle didn’t disappoint me. Having been told that they turn the lights on at night giving you a spectacular view, I parked myself on Charles Bridge and watched as the sun set and the lights came on illuminating the great Castle like some sort of fairytale. My camera cannot do the view justice so you will all just have to make the trek to […]


Travel Blogger Friday 27

Since leaving Australia to see the world I’ve been hard up finding time to catch up on my favorite blogs let alone dig into the internet and find more amazing travel bloggers just waiting for another reader to stop in. That’s all set to change now that I’m settled in London which means…. Travel Blogger Friday is back. This week is a shout out to a good mate here in […]


A Little More of Vilnius

Staying in a hostel and you find yourself with the room to yourself?? First thing I did was sleep in knowing nobody was going to rustle a plastic bag or have an alarm go off again and again and again…. Alas my sleep in was interrupted by an old Russian lady telling me to get out and by the time I’d explained I had paid for the room I was […]