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Vegemite vs Suzy

That’s right folks its about time I made someone else suffer enjoy the wonderful taste of VEGEMITE. So while I was in Florence (yes you’ll hear about that soon enough) I got to meet the wonderful Suzy Guese and hang out with her for a few days. Along with the joys of eating pizza and enjoying some wonderful gelato in Italy I opened Suzy’s eyes to the beautiful breakfast spread […]


A Day of Everything in Stockholm

Crawling out of bed knowing I had a list of things to accomplish today was not a good feeling. Still there is no rest for the backpacker and I set off to see a little more of Stockholm before I had to take some time for the boring everyday tasks of old. First stop was the Kroner Museum which I failed to see on my visit to the Stockholm Palace […]


Featured Photo: Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Before I stopped off to check out the Eiffel Tower, I grabbed some lunch and relaxed while watching the cars navigate around the Arc de Triomphe. I must have seen a million photos of this site and heard the stories about the cars driving around it. So I’ll be the first to say to see it with my own eyes was just incredible. The sheer size of the massive roundabout […]


Vasa, Skansen and a Fail

Waking on my second morning in Stockholm I was better prepared for my pitch black room. Climbing the jungle gym of a bunk bed I joined the line for the shower before packing my bag for a day of walking around town. First stop was a rather long walk out to the island of Djurg√•rden where I was to see the Vasa Museum. The Vasa Museum is a maritime museum […]


Featured Photo: Auschwitz, Poland

We all know what happened here, it will live on forever as a great blip in our history. Walking the grounds and buildings while learning about the people and what happened to them was the most depressing day of my entire trip. And while it might be a great tourist attraction, make the effort to visit anyway. Just be sure to leave your happy faces and goofy photo ideas at […]


Stockholm Palace and More

When you go to bed at night you expect it to be dark. When you wake up at 10am in the morning however you would be fairly comfortable in assuming there would be light around. Yet when I woke from my slumber my first morning in Stockholm it was pitch black. Why you ask? Well I failed to notice that my dorm room had no windows the previous day. I […]