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From Rain to Sun in Stockholm

I started off my europe trip wanting to make the most of every day and not waste time just for the sake of it. However after having travelled to a few stops now I found myself wishing I was back in bed and not heading for the bus stop, before 8am and in the rain. Still Sweden was calling my name and with just a hint of sun recorded on […]


Featured Photo: Frank Zappa, Lithuania

What does Frank Zappa have to do with Lithuania you ask… well nothing actually. This however, never stopped some die hard fans from erecting a statue to the man after his death from cancer. The statue, which you will find hidden off a side street and erected in a car park makes for a great way to see a bit more of Vilnius. Just be sure to do your research […]


A Video From Copenhagen

Everybody is making videos these days, so while I was in Copenhagen with Cailin from we made a video of what we got up too. I won’t bore you too much with words because I know your already pressing play on the video but I will say that it was good enough for the BBC Fast Track program to take a snippet of our video and broadcast it. Always […]


Final Day in Copenhagen

What do you do on your final day in a place when you find yourself a solo traveller again… you go exploring some more of course. Waking a little later than I would have liked the plans were to visit Rosenborg Castle and make my way to the Carlsberg Brewery. Who am I to deny a visit to a brewery?? With my late start already putting me behind I rushed […]


Copenhagen Zoo and Christiania

With all the major Copenhagen attractions out of the way Cailin and myself (ok mainly Cailin) decided to visit the Copenhagen Zoo. Top of the list was to see the Polar Bears as Cailin apparently had never seen them before, even if her mother disagreed with her. Before the Zoo however we stopped into the Hans Christian Andersen Museum and learn’t a little bit about the man and the stories […]


Missing In Action

No I’m not dead… I don’t think and no I haven’t given up this blogging gig. Here’s a little peak at the future so you know what I’m up to before I get back to telling you all about everything I did and saw in Europe. I landed in London some 2-3 weeks ago and with many thanks to Heather from had a job interview waiting for me 2 […]