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Meeting A Friend in Belgium

Leaving Paris after just 4 days I felt like there was so much left unseen, but the itch to see Europe was tugging at me and a new friend was waiting to see me in Belgium. Overall though Paris turned into a great first stop off for my travels. The people were great, the hostel better than expected and most of all I had taken the leap and not regretted […]


Travel Blogger Friday 22

Being Australian I can’t wait to escape the place to be honest. What with all our open space, hot weather and free flowing beer. Hang on why did I leave again… Anyway while thousands of Australian’s escape to Asia for a cheap stay and a bit of fun or head to Europe for the history and splendor we lack, many foreigners make the long flight to Australia. One such foreigner […]


Doing Paris Museums

Perhaps I was finally over the jetlag or maybe my marathon day exploring Paris yesterday was to blame, but I slept way later than originally planned. Luckily for me so did my dorm mate from Spain which meant I had someone to explore the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay with. Sneaking into the Louvre via the train station that stops below allowed us to avoid the lines of people entering through […]


From The Cemetery To The Eiffel Tower

The thing about being abroad and only just having arrived is that you are overly keen to see everything and anything. This was abundantly apparent today, given I was hoping to see the Cemetery du Pere Lachise, the Catacombs, Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. My first stop was the Cemetery du Pere Lachise where I wanted to find both Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrision’s graves and just look […]


Travel Blogger Friday 21

My RTW trip was planned out. I knew when I was doing things, when I was going to buy my plane ticket and my backpack etc and lastly when I was finishing up at my work. This is the same for the majority of current #RTWsoon planners as well. Now Jeannie from was in the same basket, that was until her work decided it was time to lay her […]


Free Walking Tour of Paris

With my first morning in Paris snapping me awake earlier then I had wanted (curse you jetlag) I battled the wake up protocol of the dorm room. Do you wait for others to rise, damn why didn’t I get my toiletries out of my bag last night so I wouldn’t make too much noise, I need to pee but climbing from my squeaky bunk will wake everybody. After a short […]