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Travel Blogger Friday #12

As a soon to be budget backpacker I’ve been doing my best to keep my spending down. I moved from a 2 bedroom unit into a rented room with my sister. Sold off the furniture I didn’t want to keep and am preparing to sell my beloved vehicle to pay out the loan on it. Overall I’m pretty happy with my spending vs saving plan, some things could be improved […]


Three Steps To Perfect Vegemite Toast

Recently Cailin from was in Australia and while I didn’t get a visit from her she did try Vegemite so I’m willing to let that slide for now. Unfortunately the experience wasn’t up to my satisfaction so I’m going to lay out some steps on eating Vegemite so that you can all love it like I do. First up lets check out Cailin and her attempt. Now I’d be […]


Applying for UK Youth Mobility Visa

Just sixty one days stand between me and what I hope will be the greatest thing I have done in my life to this date providing you exclude that moment in the backseat…. This looming date has made me aware I’ve been somewhat slow in ensuring I have the proper travel documentation I require for said great moment in life. So spurred on by the excitement of making my Facebook […]


Travel Blogger Friday #11

I don’t remember how I found Suzy’s blog but it was obvious others had and with good reason, the girl writes a mean blog post. Suzy shares my love for that perfect view, high above everything else where you can look down and just be in awe of what you see. Her recent post Looking at Travel From The Greatest of Heights showcases some of her amazing views from across […]


My First Overseas Trip Part 4

Haven’t been following my journey? Here is Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 I was in Hong Kong, surrounded by strangers and completely out of my comfort zone. Yet it was a surreal feeling and I couldn’t wait to explore. With the few hours of the day left when we arrived some was spent sleeping, the rest we explored the small food court trying to find something to eat […]


Travel Packing List Part 1

With my backpack purchase last week I’ve begun thinking about what else I will need to take with me to Europe. I gave plenty of research to my backpack and rightly so but the remaining items have been left by the way side. Conscious of not wanting to pack like I did on my first overseas trip (not that my backpack will fit that much in it), I’ve started compiling […]