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Travel Blogger Friday #8

A big thing about travel for me is seeing the history and splendor of the places I visit. I get giddy with excitement when exploring old buildings to see where the hallway leads or the stairs go. I love getting lost in it all. So when I read Steph’s post over at about When Getting Lost is a Good Thing I just nodded in agreement and couldn’t wait to […]


My First Overseas Trip Part 1

Some 4 years ago I ventured off on my first trip overseas. As green as a first time traveler can be I headed to Hong Kong for Christmas, then Singapore for the New Year. The idea to go was born from my dreams to travel and my then girlfriends previous travel experience through Asia and New Zealand. It was a perfect fit for me, wanting to travel but unsure of […]


Australia Day

Australia Day is upon us so I think its important any future traveler knows what to expect on this great day of days. Held on the 26th of January each year, the day commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788. Basically the day the British landed and claimed the country as their own. We Australian’s are rather proud of our little country so you will […]


Travel Blogger Friday #7

These days if your an aspiring travel blogger then your on twitter. It’s easy to update and provides an awesome avenue to present your blog and individual angle to the world as you go. Not to forget its a great way to meet like minded folk and find out all sorts of stuff about them. Like this snippet about @shaunosaurus. This week, I found a great example of an individual […]


Vegemite vs The World

Stick a slice of Vegemite toast in the hand of an Australian and they will swallow it in seconds. Hand it to pretty much anybody else and you can expect a facial expression that would suggest they just ate the nastiest thing on earth. Australian’s love their Vegemite and will defend its honour feverishly. It’s a quintessential Aussie icon, and you would be hard pressed to not find a jar […]


Follow Up On Travel Blogger Friday

Last week I wrote a little tongue in cheek piece for my weekly travel blogger friday post (you can read it here Travel Blogger Friday #6). You see when it comes to slang language I think us aussie’s have to be one of the hardest to work out. I mean who else would think up the term “Liquid Laugh” when it really means to vomit or “Two Pot Screamer” to […]