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Travel Blogger Friday #2

It seems the more I get into this great travel community the more great stuff I find. Instead of highlighting 50 articles you should read and just overloading the page with complete randomness. I’ll just keep it to sharing one gem I found and keep you and I both sane a little longer. This week it was Johnny Vagabond’s article Use a Squat Toilet in 5 Easy Steps that made […]


The Fear of Telling My Work Mates

I’m sitting outside, beer in one hand cheese and kabana in the other talking away about all things geeky and IT related and a thought pops into my head. The alcohol somehow bringing the repressed thought to the forefront right when you don’t require it. How do I tell these colleagues of mine that I’m leaving? Like many others all over the world, I was celebrating my work christmas party. […]


Telling Mum Your Leaving

My decision to travel and working out where to go on my first steps into backpacking territory were a piece of cake compared to the next obstacle i would cross. Breaking the news to the family that I was going to travel. Well lets be honest its breaking the news to your mum that’s what you fear most. The way I see it your brother or sister are likely to […]


Travel Blogger Friday #1

There are some really great people that belong to the travel blogging community. Many have made me laugh (till it hurts), cry (OK not really) and lastly provided wonderful insight into their travel lives that I have felt like I lived it with them. Keeping with that sharing mentality. Each Friday I wish to usher you into your seats, turn down the lights and provide the popcorn while you explore […]


Where to Go

When I was still toying with the idea of traveling overseas and possibly working I was split on where to go. How do you decide what part of the great big world you want to see first? Do you think of places your friends had been too. Or do you draw ideas from internet forums, TV, movies and the like. Being that I live in Australia if your not seeing […]


My first mistake in planning to travel

GREAT I said to myself I’m going traveling around the world like I had dreams of so many times before. It was then I did what everybody does. I jumped on Google and like someone trying to diagnose their illness online, attempted to find a road map someone else had planned and solved for me. First point of call was the lonely planet website. They make all these guide books […]