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Picking A Video Camera For Travel (Win A JVC Video Camera)

Picking A Video Camera For Travel

Growing up my mum always got out the video camera and took footage of birthdays, christmases and other important events. Once I was old enough to appreciate what she did with that big bulky bit of equipment way back in the 80’s I’ve wanted to record my life events to show my children and family as its been a great way to relive past memories. A photo can capture a […]


A Guide To Help You Travel Abroad In 2015

Travel Abroad 2015

At the beginning of the year many people start putting a lot of thought into what they plan to do with themselves for the following 12 months, their New Years resolution. School is out (perhaps for good) and you’ve hopefully wrangled a couple of weeks holiday from the office to bask in the glorious sunshine. It’s time to get wild, dream big and perhaps take those first steps in planning […]